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First transportation App In Lesotho

TransUp brings revolution to transportation industry through outstanding technology in the Kingdom in the sky.

Relatively Low Costs

Our clients only pays for the distance traveled within stipulated time. Our rates are as low as M3.00 per Kilometer.

Highly Secure

Our system is highly secured for both the Clients and Drivers. We have incorporated OTP and SOS system to enhance such.

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Our intelligent Transportation solution helps make Public and Private Transport service more efficient for operators, drivers and passengers. We better integrate technology services into the Public and Private Transportation system and make more attractive and secure!

We ensure full and effective participation of the transportation industry and Stakeholders in an integrated environment.

Convinience at its best!

TransUp App lets users to request a Vehicle of their Choice with a tap of a button on your smartphone and get a nearby trusted driver who’ll take you to your destination right away!

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TransUp has a unique Mobile Application system embedded with Global Positioning System (GPS) that pinpoints the nearing driver thus allowing the real time user/driver information for secure services.


Mobile Payment

TransUp uses the in-built online payment methods, and entrusting our clients with products and services of high level secure technology for payment, thus eliminating the need for cash.

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Transup works everywhere around 10 Districts, where there is a registered vehicle, you get served! Giving the opportunity for self-employment hence extra income…


Ultimate Transport

Our unmatched Vehicle range, flexible options and cost effectiveness makes TransUp App the reliable umbrella transportation platform across Lesotho.


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